The mid-season return of ABC’s Station 19 is, for lack of a better word, fire. Relationships will blossom, some will end and a lot of drama will ensue.

But that’s why everyone loves the Shondaland drama so much, because it’s easy to fall in love with the characters and watch as their lives unfold Thursday nights— the good and the not so good.

Series star Jaina Lee Ortiz has seen a lot of growth in her character Andy Herrera since first meeting her in season one. Especially as it pertains to her love life, which hasn’t been as busy this season as it was last season.

When audiences last saw Herrera, she had been in a car accident with her boss Captain Robert Sullivan, played by Boris Kodjoe. Their lives are on the line and nobody knows that they’re missing.

It’s interesting because I feel like I can draw a parallel of my life to Andy’s life,” Ortiz said at ABC’s TCA presentation in February.

“She’s going through a rebirth and she’s finding herself again. She’s seeing a different side to herself that she’s never seen before. When you finally move out of your parents house, it changes you. It’s helped her see the world through a whole other perspective.

And with her love life, it’s always complicated. She’s great with what she does at work, but when it comes to men, it’s not always the most convenient situation. Things get complicated when you work with extremely hot men. How do you not give into temptation? She will experience more challenges but she will always be willing to literally jump into the fire with everyone she meets…especially someone like Sullivan.”

Herrera and her best friend/roommate Maya (Danielle Savre) have had their ups and downs throughout the series and something is coming that will put the friendship to the test.

When you have best friends who go through life experiences on their own and don’t really connect and tell each other everything, a lot of drama will ensue,” she explained. “Things will be getting complicated because there are secrets and there are lies. There could be some backstabbing too.

For the most part, they live together, the coexist and they are 100% there for each other constantly. I love seeing females who have each other’s back. But there’s some things coming up that will shock you.”

Andy’s dad Pruitt (Miguel Sandoval) is feeling a lot better these days and Ortiz teases there may be someone coming into his life when the series returns on Thursday night. This particular storyline has been especially tough to deal for the actress after losing her mom last year.

I have to mention something about Pruitt and a new experience coming for him in his life. I can’t say anything more about that. You know, it’s been really challenging since Andy’s mom passed and she’s just been dealing with life without her mom,” Ortiz said with tears in her eyes.

You just see life from a totally different perspective. But it’s very interesting to live a life without the presence of your mother. And when you see your dad having experiences for himself without your mom, it becomes life changing and shocking. But at the end of the day, their father/daughter relationship is so unbreakable. I feel like, no matter what happens, she will always be her daddy’s little girl and she will always want what’s best for him.

The real question that’s on everyone’s minds is: what will happen between Herrera and Sullivan? The latter was finally to open up to someone and it all ends up in disaster. If he survives, could love be in the cards for them?

Once you go through a traumatic experience with someone, that stays with you for life,” she explained. “It will only strengthen their bond. So, Andy and Sullivan from here on out…we’ll see what happens. They will use the cliffhanger experience to…um. Sorry, I can’t tell you anymore!

They will find more circumstances that will bring them together in a very explosive way.


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